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Special People: Jennifer and Krista in San Diego, CA

Among Them: They Watched My Car, Drove Me To The Beach, Let Me Sleep Over Two Nights & Gave Spiritual Support

Krista and Jae - My Support Team in San Diego, CA
Steve, Krista and Jennifer

Photo Above: Myself, Krista and Jennifer at Arrivederci Italian Restaurant in San Diego on the day I flew back to San Diego on March 20.

Oh boy, there is a lot to say about these two amazing women and how much they helped me! When I began to talk seriously about bicycling across America and backed it up with actions in early December 2007, Krista (center) and Jennifer (right) were strong supporters to me in many ways.

Krista (center) - Firstly, Krista agreed to allow my Honda Accord sit in front of her home during my entire 6.5 week ride. Figuring out the car situation in San Diego was a great relief to me.

As the days lead up to February 1, we had some encouraging conversations too. On the day I arrived in San Diego (January 31), Krista let me nap at her house, then drove my bicycle and I to Jennifer's home on the other side of San Diego for the evening.

When I returned to San Diego, Krista was there at the airport to pick me up. She also let me sleep over at her place before starting the long drive the next morning to Colorado.

Jennifer (right) - Jennifer was equally positive and excited about my trip too, as she was well-aware this trip was a personal dream of mine for many years.

Jennifer helped me talk through various aspects of the ride to have increased peace about embarking on the trip: Financial matters, praying and trusting God with deep concerns of my heart and plain ol' perseverence and accountability. On the latter, Jennifer insisted that I contact her every day after riding to inform her of where I was, even if it was just a short text message. If Jennifer did not hear from me within a reasonable amount of time, she threatened to call the police on me! <:-0

Jennifer set me up with a free place to stay through her landlord and on my first bike day to Julian, she generously drove me to beach. Then in the evening, she drove to Julian to meet for dinner.

Lastly, as you can see, I blotted out Jennifer's face in the photo. I am telling you, she is a good-looking girl, but for whatever reason, she absolutely hates pictures of herself! :p)

Our Dinner Celebration in San Diego

The photo above was taken on the night that I arrived back in San Diego. Krista, Jennifer and myself met at Arrivederci Italian Restaurant (www.ristorante-arrivederci.com), a not too shabby restaurant with delightful Italian dishes in a happening area of the city. The food was amazing! We had one last good connection among the three of us with some meaningful conversations too.

Good heavens, I was so remarkably blessed to have these two women helping me out. It felt like they were completely there for me!

-Steve (Written June 14, 2008)

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