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Under a Triumphant Sky
A Bike Across America Story

Bike Across America Book
Authored by Steve Garufi

This 344-page memoir tells the story of Steve's first bike across USA trip. All details are included: how his bicycle was stolen, the obstacles he overcame, the people he encountered, and so much more.

Trace Ticket Talk Interview

Read about Steve's third bike across USA trip in 2017.

A Couple Tandem Rides Across America

Roland's Inspirng Bike Across USA Video

"East To West" by Dwayne Burgess

Jeff Farmer Bicycle Tour - San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL 2013

Jeff Farmer of Massachusetts rode hard across the southern USA for 38 days. His excellent blog documents each day's ride with photos and reflections ... 2013 Southern Tier USA

"Legs of Steel" - 2,600+ Miles California to Georgia

Steve Garufi completed his second cross-country tour, starting in Huntington Beach, CA (Feb. 20) and finishing at St. Simons Island, GA (Apr. 6) this year. It took him 46 days.

He joked that he had nothing better to do and didn't want to be a "one hit wonder," and so he did it again. Check out his extensive day-to-day journal with photos and commentary ... 2011 Bike Across America Ride

"You don't have to be Lance Armstrong to bike cross-country"

By Calvin Woodward, Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The best way to start a cross-country bicycle trip is to pretend you're not doing it.

(Photo: It's a steep climb to Lizard Head Pass, in the background, from Telluride, Colo. Calvin Woodward, AP)

Convince yourself you are embarking on a series of day trips. It will do no good to anticipate the Rockies while still smelling the salt air of the Atlantic, or to think about the East if leaving from the West.

One rest stop to another, one day at a time, one state before the next. That's the essential mind game. It will all add up to a journey exposing you to staggering landscapes, the kindness of strangers and abilities you didn't know you had. (Photo gallery Bike across America:

Many who bicycle recreationally dream of going the distance. Few do it, largely because of the time commitment. You need close to three months, more if you want to smell the roses. That's why cross-country cyclists usually fall into two categories - those taking time off before college, and those whose kids have just gone off to college. Getting that much time in prime working and family-raising years is tough for others.

Once you set aside the time, you must overcome the myths and make a plan. Here are some tips.

COST. A few thousand dollars will do if you rough it. Plan on $4,000 to $5,000 if you hope to spend most nights in a (cheap) motel. Don't skimp on the bicycle; count on $1,200 at least, on top of trip costs, for a genuine touring model.

FITNESS. You don't need to be Lance Armstrong. Although I commute regularly on a bicycle, 40 minutes or more a day, I hadn't ridden more than 50 miles in a single day before I crossed the country last summer. Nor had I ever done two long rides back to back.

So I hurt more than fitter bicyclists at first. But I felt stronger by the day and found my rhythm within two weeks. Ideally, though, train beforehand and do some rides loaded down with everything you'll take.

FEAR. A third hurdle is the fear that it's too dangerous out there. Most of my route was on amazingly quiet roads, but shoulders were often skimpy or non-existent. Excessive caution is the best survival skill; if you are new to bicycling, hone traffic and safety skills.

One harrowing stretch in northern Virginia took me hours to go five miles on a twisty, busy road with no shoulder and fast traffic. I darted from one driveway to the next. But much of my journey was on the TransAmerica Trail, where most drivers are accustomed to seeing bikers. Overall, I had remarkably few close calls with cars.

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Brian DeSousa's 2001 Cross-Country Trip

Many also have asked why I chose to do my trip alone, instead of with a group. In short, I wanted the freedom to go at my own pace or stop anywhere that only traveling alone could provide – I have no regrets about the way I did it. Also, a solo traveler is more approachable by the locals compared to a group of cyclists.

Earlier in the tour I had spoken with someone who was part of a twelve person group that carried their own gear and traded off chores every night – I got the impression that she felt like she was “chained” to the group ...

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Steve Garufi's 2008 Bike Ride Across America

Steve's Bike Across America Trip

Steve Garufi bicycled solo in February-March 2008 across the southern tier of America. 2,465 miles in 45 days. Eleven flat tires too. He also had his bike stolen in Phoenix, Arizona.

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British Extraordinaire Chris Day Rides Across USA

2013 Spring Bicycle Tour: San Diego, CA to Washington, DC


I'll begin by saying that it was a huge leap of faith, both physically and psychologically, and I'm so proud of myself that I came through! On the psychological side, well, in common with virtually every member of the human race, I have many faults. Among them are: I'm a born worrier, I panic too easily, oh, and I'm not very good at map reading! I'm amazed that, knowing those facts about myself, I decided I was capable of attempting this journey. I've learned that, when times get tough, I'm a much stronger, more resilient person than I thought I was, and that's a great feeling! ... Read More

Steve's Column

Advice For Beginners

Often people who are planning their first bike across America or long distance multi-day bike tour ask me, "What should I expect?" or "Do you have any advice?" In this video, I give my answer. Good luck to you!

How Not To Quit When Biking Across America

This video covers some of the common reasons of why people quit during their trip. I offer some practical strategies to overcome them. Read more: How Not To Quit.

How To Train For A Long Distance Tour

My input on how to train for a long distance bicycle tour.

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5 Cyclng Lessons From My Bike Tour

My latest video in which I give the top five cycling lessons I learned from my recent cross-country tour.

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