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Special People: Local Friends Derrick and Anne

They Collected My Mail, Paid Bills, Kept My Car on Their Land and Held The Fort While I Was Gone

Derrick and Anne - Handling My Mail and Other Home Matters

Photo Above: Derrick and Anne at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Derrick and Anne are local friends ... no, dear friends out here in the mountains. They agreed to regularly pick up my mail in two locations, open mail that appeared important and pay bills from my own checkbook. Without someone reliably doing this, I am not sure I would have gone on my trip.

Derrick also made the offer in no uncertain terms that if I needed to be rescued, that I should call him. He made it clear Socorro, New Mexico is a relatively straight shot south and he would do his best to pick me up as soon as possible if needed. Of course, I was doing great when I reached Socorro, but interestingly, I later learned Derrick and Anne drove through Socorro (returning from Juarez, Mexico) on the morning of the same day I arrived in Socorro. Neat!

Two more things: They looked after my home while I was gone and allowed me to park my car on their land. All this, but their friendship by itself meant a lot and they were very supportive of my adventure the entire time.

Special thanks to Derrick and Anne!

-Steve (Written June 15, 2008)

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