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Special People: An Anonymous Friend

A Friend Who Could Bear The Thought Of The Trip Ending Bought Me A New Bike In The Short-Term

Anonymous Friend Came Through "Big" In Phoenix, Arizona

Photo Above: Just one of my sunset photos in Colorado. I thought it was a nice photo for this anonymous person.

"Steve, there is no way I can see your bike trip end like this." he said, on that pivotal day ("Day 8") in Phoenix, Arizona when my bicycle was stolen.

When I heard that, I knew what was coming next - this anonymous friend offered to pay for a new bike and in exchange, I would work for him later in the year to work it off.

This individual requested anonymity and I am honoring that, but how could I not mention him in this special people section? Looking back at that day in Phoenix, I did have a great amount of peace after the bike was stolen, but in no way did I have the resources to splurge the money for a new bike. During those few hours afterward, I was open to the possibility that maybe my trip was over.

Again, special thanks to this anonymous friend. I trust this individual has seen all the good that has come out of it: I got to achieve my life dream and there are so many people who have really enjoyed and have been touched by my 45 days of writing!

-Steve (Written June 15, 2008)

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