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Day 8: Wickenburg, AZ to Phoenix, AZ

54 Miles: Bike Stolen In Phoenix; Very Enjoyable Ride Comes To Sudden Halt - February 8, 2008

"That kind of bike with saddlebags would be perfect for transporting drugs."

Sgt. Smith's statement sums it up well. Today was the day my bike was stolen. You'll have to read the book to get all the details. I did appreciate how friendly and professional this officer was. Now, onto the pictures ...

Arizona Desert Scenery
Pretty desert scenery as I biked on Highway 60 between Wickenberg and Surprise.

Arizona Scenery
A bunch of saguaros.

Steve Garufi Bicyclist
I placed my camera on a guard rail post and used the timer. There it is ... my shiny red Giant OCR3 bike of five years.
Bell Road in Phoenix Arizona
Resting on the side of Bell Road in Phoenix. (And no, there was no shoulder for miles.)
Phoenix, Arizona
Arrival in city limits of Phoenix.
Phoenix, Arizona
Continuing in Phoenix. This is what the average avenue looks like in this city.

Phoenix, Arizona
Shaw Butte in the background.
Phil Ladden
My bike was stolen while locked in front of a CVS Pharmacy. A huge thanks to my buddy Phil Ladden for coming to the rescue. He shuttled me to an area with stores and a motel.

Again, this is the very abridged version. My book has a full chapter covering this horrible episode. The funny thing is, it's years later and I can laugh about it now. :)

Text Message
My gym in Buena Vista, Colorado was tracking me. Everyday I'd send them a text message with my progress. THIS was today's. :o)

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