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Day 10: Phoenix, AZ to Florence Junction, AZ

36 Miles: Flat Tire Woes, Looped Chain Stymies Ride; Maddening Problems! - February 10, 2008

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There was always a second dream tied to the first of biking across America: writing a book. Click the front cover of Under a Triumphant Sky to obtain a copy of my memoir. In it you'll enjoy all of my stories in detail.

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Best wishes in the pursuit of your dreams. And happy cycling too! :) -Steve

Arizona Highway
Riding east on Highway 60 east of Apache Junction.
Trek 1.2 Road Bicycle
My first ride with the new bike would go sour. Flat tires and difficulty fixing them ...
Arizona ATV Riders
... then when I figured out the puncture problem, I got the chain looped and couldn't fix it. These two friendly people were riding their ATVs nearby and stopped by to help, but they couldn't fix it either.
Steve Garufi Dunkin Donuts Coffee
And that's when Phil drove all the way out and brought me back to Phoenix. I was so upset! My memoir covers all of this in detail. At the very least, we stopped by a Dunkin Donuts and this extra large decaf blueberry coffee (cream, no sugar) hit the spot! I love Dunkin Donuts coffee so much. If you want proof, visit here and here. :)


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