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Biking Across America - What Type Of Bike To Ride?

A frequently asked question is the matter of what type of bike one should use for either a multi-day bike tour or a bike across America trip.

Special thanks to my friends Dennis and Heidi for letting me use their backyard. :)

Ride a Quality Bike - If not a brand new bike, be sure your bike is in top condition. The last thing you need is a "clunker" of a bicycle that is giving you mechanical problems. You'll have enough to worry about as it is.

Comfort - Make sure you fit well on your bike. Seek the advice of a cycling expert or a bike shop you trust. They can "fit you" on a new bike that will maximize performance and comfort.

Bring Extra Bike Parts - Sometimes you might have mechanical difficulties far away from the nearest bike shop. Derailers, spokes and other bike parts could be helpful if you bring them along. If they are light, small and inexpensive, carrying them can save you from a lot of trouble in a worst case scenario.

-Video by Steve Garufi, an avid cyclist and writer in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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