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Major Thanks To The Following Special People

There are so many people to thank for my trip, but I want to honor these six groups of people for going above and beyond what was expected. Their willingness to be part of my journey and story means so much!

Thank you for reading! -Steve

Marcus and Lacey
(My Local Gym Owners)

Marcus and Lacey

Marcus and Lacey, the local owners of my gym who maintained and tracked my ride on a large map of the United States ... Read More

Jennifer in Oklahoma - My Researcher


Jennifer, my researcher in Oklahoma who was a reliable assistant in finding lodging options, airline fares and feasible options to ship my bike. ... Read More

Krista and Jennifer - San Diego

These two women in San Diego helped with letting me crash at their places, driving me to the beach, picking me up at the airport and allowing my car to sit for 6+ weeks ... Read More

Monique in Georgia


Monique agreed and followed through with driving from her home in Savannah to Jekyll Island when I arrived at the beach. She then drove me south toward the Jacksonville Airport area ... Read More

Locals Who Handled Home Affairs

Derrick and Anne in Chaffee County picked up my mail in two locations, paid bills out of my checkbook and offered other kinds of support from home ... Read More

Anonymous Friend
(During Stolen Bike Incident)


An anonymous friend, upon learning my bike was stolen in Phoenix, Arizona, offered to buy me a new bicycle hours later. I agreed I would work for him later in the year to pay him back. Without his generous act, I probably would not have continued ... Read More

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