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Special People: Monique in Savannah, Georgia

Monique Generously Drove To Jekyll Island, GA, Then Brought Me Near The Jacksonville, FL Airport

Monique - My Transporter at Jekyll Island, Georgia

Photo Above: Monique stands beside the Rock Reef Pass sign in Florida.

Monique, the sister of a local friend, agreed before the trip began to drive from her home in Savannah and pick me up at my planned destination of Jekyll Island. She then took me south toward the area of lodging and services near the Jacksonville Airport. The peace of mind of knowing during the journey that I had someone ready to transport me at the end was so valuable!

You may have noticed that I did not mention Monique on my "Day 45" report at Jekyll Island. I had already spoken with her about this ahead of time and I decided to end the story right as my wheels enter the ocean. If my story turns into a book, I might mention more of the details of what happened during those next few hours with Monique.

By the way, the photo above was submitted by Monique for my "Altitude Snob" web site. I have a simple web site with a list of my friends and acquaintences based on the altitude of their home: www.AltitudeSnob.com. Check it out! :)

Monique, thank you again for coming down to Jekyll Island and then driving farther to Jacksonville for me. I was so tired, my allergies were killing me and I was not much of a conversationalist, but I can not tell you how appreciate I am.

-Steve (Written June 14, 2008)

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