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Special People: Marcus and Lacey at My Local Gym

Local Friends Tracked Me Daily On USA Map; Brought Attention To My Bike Ride

Marcus and Lacey at Peak Fitness Center - Buena Vista, Colorado
Marcus and Lacey

Photo Above: Marcus, myself and Lacey posing in front of the map of the USA in their gym in Buena Vista, Colorado. (March 29, 2008)

Special thanks to Marcus and Lacey of Peak Fitness in Buena Vista, Colorado, the owners of my gym. I had been working out regularly in December 2007 and January 2008 leading up to my first day's ride on February 1 in San Diego. After I informed them about my upcoming bike trip, we put a map of the USA on the wall and they agreed to track my whereabouts each day. I sent a text message at the end of each ride to update them on my progress. They included a photo of me with my bike and a link to this web site for those who wanted to read more.

Since the map was close to the water fountain, bathrooms and coat hangers, people were constantly looking at the map. (Personally, I understand. I can spend hours studying my intensive topographical maps of Colorado's Mountains.) Thanks to map, which included a picture of me and a link to this web site, I became somewhat of a "star" during those 6+ weeks on the journey. Many gym members constantly checking my daily progress and cheering me on. To my pleasant surprise, when I returned back to town after my adventure, I received countless accolades and acknowledgments from people I had never met before.

USA Map I can assure you there were many days where this map inspired me. The knowledge that the extended line on the map would be longer if I continued sometimes spurred me farther down the highway to the next town. Also, there were a few instances where I spoke with a local by phone who already knew exactly the towns I had recently rode through. :)

Again, special thanks to Marcus and Lacey. Having this map meant so much and I really felt supported by friend and acquaintences in my itty-bitty mountain town.

-Steve (Written June 14, 2008)

Right photo: A closer view of the map.

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