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Special People: Jennifer in Oklahoma, My Trip Researcher

Jennifer Was Constantly Researching Lodging In Small Towns & Other Important Details

Jennifer In Oklahoma - My Internet Researcher

Photo Above: Jennifer stands beside her Dad's truck in Colorado.

Special thanks to Jennifer in Oklahoma for all her help. What a friend!

Jennifer served as my researcher during the final planning stages and actual journey. In many instances, I needed to know where lodging existed in the small towns I would be riding through, and Jennifer helpfully identified lodging in places like Salome AZ, Glenwood NM, Tatum NM, Aspermont TX, New Boston TX and Brent AL, to name a few. Sometimes she would even call ahead to learn rates and compare with other inns.

Oh and there was more: Jennifer researched bicycle shops along the route, including the great find of the bicycle shop (Kwik Keys) in Greenville, Mississippi. She also provided the best rates she could find when I bought my one-way airline ticket from Jacksonville to San Diego and even researched the best way to ship my bicycle back to Colorado.

If I had any concern about a matter while on the bike, I knew I had Jennifer to call who would get back to me in a timely fashion. And this is an attorney and single Mom with two kids ... How about that?!

Again, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Jennifer in Oklahoma. There are already pictures of her on my personal web page by the way. We once wandered around Buena Vista and made a very special visit to the historic Alpine Tunnel on the Continental Divide.

-Steve (Written June 14, 2008)

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