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Day 9: Rest Day In Phoenix, AZ

Bought New Bicycle at Landis Cyclery; Desert Botanic Garden; Phil Ladden's Help - February 9, 2008

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Motel 6 in Phoenix, AZ
I really liked the woman who worked behind the counter at the Motel 6. We had a nice discussion about my bike trip and stolen bike. She also gave me a map of Phoenix which proved to be quite helpful. :)
Landis Bicycle Shop
The outside of Landis Cyclery on West Indian School Road.
Trek Bicycle
Me with my brand new Trek 1.2 bicycle.
Phoenix, Arizona
Tall buildings in Phoenix.
Organ Pipe Cactus
In the afternoon, I paid a visit to the Desert Botanic Garden. The organ pipe cactus is one of my favorites. I look too happy in this picture, don't I? :p
Desert Botanic Garden, AZ
Peter, a friend in Tempe whom I met on the cactus lovers forum, joined me.
Desert Botanic Garden
A close-up of an organ pipe cactus.
Desert Botanic Garden in Phoenix
The Desert Botanic Garden is not a shabby attraction!
Steve Garufi and Phil Ladden
In the evening, Phil and I went to Chipotle. Mmmmm. Burritos.


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