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Day 5: Blythe, CA to Quartzsite, AZ

22 miles - Renewed Morale, Crossed Colorado River Into Arizona - February 5, 2008

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Bicycle Shop
My poor bicycle with a broken rear derailer at Fred's Kawasaki in Blythe.
Fred's Kawasaki
The one and only Greg who got me back on the road. I'll always remember him. :)
Interstate 10 California
The entrance to Interstate 10 in Blythe. Yes, it is lawful to ride a bicycle on this part of the interstate.
Colorado River
While biking on the bridge over the Colorado River.
Ehrenberg, Arizona
The "Welcome to Arizona" sign as I biked on Interstate 10. This is exit 1. (The town is Ehrenberg, Arizona.)

Interstate 10 Arizona
Cycling upward the Dome Rock Mountains.
Quartzsite, Arizona
On the other side of the range is Quartzsite, Arizona.
Steve Garufi in Arizona
A shot of me beside a tall saguaro. I was so happy to be moving again. :)


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