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Day 16: Reserve, NM to Datil, NM

68 Miles - Over The Continental Divide, Tough Cross Winds On New Mexico Plains - February 16, 2008

Reserve, New Mexico
This was the snowy scenery as I biked out of Reserve. Everything was highlighted in white!
Continental Divide in New Mexico
An uphill ride to the Continental Divide.
Continental Divide, New Mexico
Elevation 7312 feet. Not another person in sight.
Steve Garufi Bike Across USA
It was really quiet.
Horse Springs, New Mexico
Speeding downhill on the other side of the divide and approaching Horse Springs.
Reserve, New Mexico
Some of the buildings in Horse Springs, New Mexico.
Plains of San Augustin
Windy and wide open. My map labeled this area the Plains of San Augustin.
Datil, New Mexico
A greeting for visitors of the general store in Datil.
Dave Ortiz Steve Garufi in New Mexico
I finished in Datil, where Dave Ortiz came to meet me. We did a short outing to Pietown, but everything was closed with it so late. A fun shot of Dave and one of me looking pathetic and tired. :p)

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