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Day 11: Florence Junction, AZ to Superior, AZ

15 Miles: Joel & Brandi From Tucson Save The Day; Scenic Desert Ride - February 11, 2008

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There was always a second dream tied to the first of biking across America: writing a book. Click the front cover of Under a Triumphant Sky to obtain a copy of my memoir. In it you'll enjoy all of my stories in detail.

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Best wishes in the pursuit of your dreams. And happy cycling too! :) -Steve

Brandi and Joel
My friends Brandi and Joel. They drove from Tucson to spend the afternoon with me and shuttle me to Florence Junction.

There's so much to say, and in fact, much of the stories are covered in the latter half Chapter 7 of my book. The title Under a Triumphant Sky came from my experience on this day.

Picketpost Mountain, AZ
Starting in Florence Junction, I biked over Gonzales Pass and came upon this stunning view of Picketpost Mountain. Four years later, I would hike to the summit of this extinct volcano.
Superior, Arizona
Palm trees and scenery as I walked around Superior. It was a short riding day.
Arizona Sunset
A beautiful Arizona sunset.

Brandi's Pictures From The Day

Below are six photos that Brandi showed on a forum on my personal web site.
She should have included more photos of herself, Joel and the beautiful Arizona desert, instead of just me. Below is everything she wrote beneath each picture! -Steve :)

"Here are some pictures from today with Steve. Our visit was short, but it was awesome to eat some Chinese and hang out in the car for a while."

Steve explaining the importance of this thing on his bike.
Steve Garufi
Steve the supermodel showing off his well toned legs...his legs are looking great!!!
Steve barely able to contain his excitement about orange trees. hehe
Steve Garufi Bike Across USA
Steve proclaiming that we are geographically superior in Arizona!
Steve Garufi in Arizona Desert
Making ready to hit the road again, looking very happy to do so and to be OUT OF PHOENIX! (sorry Phil)
Steve Garufi Bicyclist
Goodbyes said and heading down the road.


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