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Bike Across America - 5 Things I Would Do Differently

If you are seeking extra tips on how to be successful in biking across America, this video may be helpful. I throw out five things I would do differently if I bike across America again. Best wishes to you in your quest to ride across the nation!

Five Things I Would Do Differently

Contact Traditional Media - You will be surprised how many small town newspapers, radio stations and even TV stations want to know report "human interest" stories. Definitely take advantage of these mediums to spread the word about your trip.

Use Social Media - Using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can rapidly increase exposure to your trip. It can also be a lot of fun to post daily tweets and updates with photos and videos. Your friends and family will greatly appreciate it and will feel like they are right there with you.

Research Roads - It is a very good idea to research roads as it pertains to biking shoulder in areas known to be less bike friendly, such as the southern states and urban areas.

Take More Photos and Videos - Your memory will only serve you for so long. A large amount of photos and videos can bring you right back to the moment of your bike across America adventure. Don't skimp it with your camera ... you will probably regret it.

Be Sure To Have Fun - Sounds obvious, right? As one toils day after day with cycling, it can be easy to forget that fun is the best ingridient for having a fulfilling cross-country ride. You will surely have hard days and monotonous days; that's all the more reason to remind yourself to have as much fun as possible.

-Video above by Steve Garufi, an avid cyclist and writer in Buena Vista, Colorado. He biked across America in 2008 and his trip journal can be read here: Steve's Bike Across America Trip.

Twitter: @SteveGarufi
Facebook: Steve Garufi's Page

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