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My Heartfelt Encouragement To Bike Across America

When you identify your life dreams, biking across America is always on the list. You know in your heart you want to do it.

But you haven't. Life responsibilities get in the way. Having the time and money simultaneously is often a dilemna. But still ... your soul won't allow you to ignore this.

I'm not an expert and don't have all the answers, but I was fortunate to cycle across America in 2008. Below is my video that I hope encourages you.

Everyone has a personal story about how they were first introduced to the sport of cycling. And so many have shared their explanation of why they want to bike across America. In the latter part of the video, I shared one my stories.

At age 36 in late 2007, I knew it was time to "put up or shut up" about biking across America. I distinctly sensed if I did not go now, I would never go. In June 2008, three months after I finished my cross-country ride in Jekyll Island, Georgia, my Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was dead by November. In retrospect, there is no question that I was supposed to go, and that it was meant work out this way. Because I followed through, my Dad was able to witness this huge accomplishment in my life before he died. For this, I am grateful.

-Video by Steve Garufi, a writer and avid cyclist in Buena Vista, Colorado. His 2008 biked across America trip journal can be read here: Steve's Bike Across America Trip. His Twitter page is: @SteveGarufi.

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